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Invitation Letter

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China Fisheries Association Letter [2018] No. 66

to "The Third China International Modern Fishery and Fishery Science and Technology Expo" and "The First China International Intelligent Fishery Expo"


Units concerned,

China International Modern Fishery and Fishery Science and Technology Expo hosted by our Association has been successfully held for two sessions. A total of more than 500 enterprises and institutions from 26 provinces (cities, districts), Japan and Korea participated in the exhibition last year, and the exhibition covered an area of 23,000 square meters. During the same period, the Association also held 15 conferences and events, such as "Fishery Science and Technology Supporting Rural Revitalization Forum", "Fishery Big Data Application Seminar", "Award Ceremony for Leading Entrepreneurs of Fishery Industry and Emerging Entrepreneurs of Fishery industry of New Era in the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up", and "Expo Award Event", etc. A total of 26,637 visitors participated in the exhibition and the number of professional visitors was 12,702, coming from sectors like government agencies, industry associations, aquatic colleges, fishery scientific research institutions, aquaculture, freezing, cold-chain logistics, shopping malls and supermarkets, catering hotels, food processing, food distributors, trade and commerce, aquarium shops etc.

Today, industrial reform featuring big data and intelligent interconnection are thriving, and modern information technology is increasingly integrated with fishery production, management and operation. Big data, intelligence, Internet of Things and other information technologies have provided new thinking and new models for the development of modern fishery. Fishery industry is entering the era of intelligence, and our country is also transforming from a big country of fishery to a big country of fishery science and technology.

In order to give full play to the leading role of scientific and technological innovation in the development of modern fishery, promote the development of intelligent fishery, accelerate deep integration of information technology and fishery, and pioneer the supply-side reform of fishery, the Association decides to hold the "The First China International Intelligent Fishery Expo" during the same period.

All units and individuals concerned are cordially invited to participate in and visit the exposition. Details of the expo are as follows:

I. Exposition name

The Third China International Modern Fishery and Fishery Science and Technology Expo

The First China International Intelligent Fishery Expo

II. Organization

Guiding unit: Fisheries and Fisheries Administration Bureau of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

Sponsor: China Fisheries Association

Supporting units: Supervision and Administration Office of Yangtze River Basin Fisheries of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

National Aquaculture Technology Promotion Station

Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences

Anhui Provincial Agriculture Committee

Korea Fisheries Association

Korea Aquaculture Cooperative Association Central Committee

Japan Fisheries Association

Co-organizer: sub-associations of China Fisheries Association

Anhui Provincial Aquaculture Technology Promotion Station

Fisheries Associations of each province and city

Undertaker: Anhui Zhongshe International Exhibition Co. LTD

III. Time and venue

Time of exhibition arrangement: from June 19 to 20, 2019

Opening date: June 21 to 23, 2019

Venue: Hefei Binhu International Convention Center

IV. Layout of exhibition area

The exhibition covers a total area of 32,000 square meters with 9 exhibition areas set up as follows:

 (1) Exhibition area for fishery science and technology

National aquaculture technology promotion departments, aquaculture scientific research departments, relevant colleges and universities, fishery science and technology enterprises, and relevant units and enterprises with advanced technology that can be used in the fishery industry, etc. are invited to participate in the exhibition. This area is used to present the latest scientific research achievements and technologies in the field of fishery, including breeding, cultivation, fishing, processing and deep-sea development, etc., popularize the fishery scientific and technological achievements, and promote the transformation and application of achievements and technologies.

 (2). Exhibition area for intelligent fishery

Exploration and application of the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence technologies in fisheries. Intelligent aquaculture system, monitoring system of fish dynamics, fishery product traceability system, real-time trading platform of aquatic products, fishery mutual insurance, management system of aquatic products processing, intelligent water quality monitoring and warning system, intelligent logistics, intelligent warehouse management system, etc. are presented. Big data is applied to benefit fishery, making aquaculture, processing, fishing and market, etc. more intelligent and information-based.

 (3). Exhibition area for modern equipment and intelligent facilities of fishery

This area displays modern equipment, facilities and instruments for automatic operation, energy saving and emission reduction, etc. used in various fields such as fishing, aquaculture, processing, warehousing, transportation, fishery feed, quality and safety inspection, etc. By exhibiting advanced equipment, new models and facilities, etc., the ecologization, precision, mechanization and informatization level of fishery equipment and engineering can be effectively improved, so as to achieve the goal of "ecological, high quality and efficient" of modern fishery.

 (4). Exhibition area for regional featured and advantageous fishery

This area is used to display the development status of modern fishery in provinces, cities and regions, as well as fishery products with local characteristics and featured fishery economy, etc., to create regional advanced industries. Participation is mainly by groups from provinces, cities and regions.

 (5). Exhibition area for modern aquatic products

With the constant improvement of residents' consumption concept and consumption level, as well as the gradually perfected layout of cold-chain logistics industry, the aquatic products consumption market is gradually expanding from coastal cities to inland cities, and consumers' rising demand for refined and deeply processed aquatic products will be the future development trend.

The exhibition focuses on aquatic products with high added value, such as convenient and fast food of aquatic products, aquatic leisure tourism food, aquatic products after deep processing, aquatic health food, aquatic products for skin care and beauty, aquatic products with same origin of food and medicine, etc.

(6). Exhibition area for fisheries inputs/aquatic animal health products

With the upgrade of aquaculture mode and technology, aquaculture inputs/animal health products have been developing rapidly in recent years, becoming a large industry of tens of billions of yuan, and there is much room for growth. This exhibition area is mainly for displaying aquatic feed, fishery medicine, additives, water quality improver, microecological agents, fishery fertilizer, etc.

(7). Exhibition area for recreational fishery/fishery culture

This area is for displaying fishing area tourism, fish fun, recreational fishing base, modern fishing port, leisure fishing boats, aquarium fish, aquatic equipment, fishing equipment and other recreational fishing industry and products. Meanwhile, this area is also used to display and publicize fishery culture intangible heritage projects, fishery folk customs, representative fishing gear and models of each place, fishery calligraphy and painting, photography works, gyotaku, fish carving, fish pottery, fish weaving, fishing culture paper cutting, sand painting, handicraft, etc.

(8). Overseas exhibition area

Relevant units from countries and regions that have close contact with trade of China's aquatic products are invited to visit and participate in the exhibition, so as to promote international trade in aquatic products, and strengthen international scientific and technological exchanges in fishery.

(9). Exhibition area for small, medium and micro fishery enterprises

This area is used to display high-quality aquatic products, innovative technology and equipment, etc. of medium, small and micro fishery enterprises, so as to help small and micro fishery enterprises promote and popularize their brands, implement their technological achievements, expand their sales channels and open up new markets.

V. Activities during the same period (in preparation)

(1). China Intelligent Fishery Innovation and Development Summit

(2). Fishery Scientific and Technological Achievements Trade Fair

(3). Release Conference of Exhibitors’ New products and Technologies

(4). Product and Project Launch Event for Small, Medium and Micro Fishery Enterprises

(5). One-on-one Trade Talks

(6). Conference of Awards and Commendations

VI. Participation fee

(1). Charging standards

Standard booth (9 ㎡): for a single opening, RMB 5,000 each, for double openings, RMB 6,000 each

Standard booth size: 3m * 3m * 2.5m

Each standard booth is equipped with: carpet, bilingual exhibition lintel in Chinese and English, one consultation table, two office chairs, two spotlights and one trash can.

Special open space: 550 RMB / ㎡, rent of 36 square meters at least.

 (2). Preferential schemes

For unit renting a booth above 36 square meters, one page of colored advertisement in journal of the Association will be presented.

VII. Related services

(1). Assist in arranging mainstream media to conduct exclusive interviews with key exhibitors as required exhibitors.

(2). Arrange one-on-one trade talks as required by exhibitors.

(3). Invite professional audiences as required by exhibitors.

(4). For scientific and technological research and development units, please provide a brief introduction of research achievement, and the organizing committee will assist transfer of achievement.

(5). An exhibition zone for launch of new products and technology will be set up at the exhibition site, and exhibitors can release products or technologies free of charge.

(6). In product and project launch event for small, medium and micro-sized fishery enterprises, experts are invited to comment on and answer questions on the project, and promote the signing of contracts for products and projects of small, medium and micro fishery enterprises.

(7). All exhibits will be displayed in relevant special columns on the official website of China Fisheries Association, and whole-year exhibitions, online transactions, brand recommendations and user interaction and other services, etc. are provided through the Internet platform.

(8). Assist in arranging hotel accommodation, and provide locations and reservation telephone number of hotels near the exhibition hall.

(9). Arrange shuttle buses between the hotel and the exhibition hall.

VIII. Registration

(1). Please fill in the Exhibition Participation Contract as required, affix the official seal of the company, fax it to 0551-68104890 or scan it to 2965655949@qq.com.

(2). Please remit the exhibition fee to the designated account in full within 5 working days after submitting the Exhibition Participation Contract, and the booth will not be reserved after the deadline.

(3). Please send the brief introduction of exhibitors and electronic version of LOGO to 2965655949@qq.com before May 31, 2019 for the production of conference proceedings.

IX. Method of remittance

Please remit the booth fee to the following account:

Account name: Anhui Zhongshe International Exhibition Co. LTD

Opening bank: Huishang Bank, sub-branch in Hefei economic development zone

Account number: 2201 0120 8000 0566

X. Contact information

Contact person from Anhui Zhongshe International Exhibition Co. LTD. Li Fenjing, contact number:0551-68104890,15156007241,,E-mail:2965655949@qq.com, Address: creative industrial park, No.129 Tiandu road, economic development zone, Hefei city.


Chinese Fisheries Association

November 20, 2018